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2009-02-14 12:01:45 by MathewWins

Hurray!! I have a deviantART! If you would like to see it go too I'm working on a drawing right now, and I just got over a MASSIVE tummy ache! So if you have a DA, watch me, I'll watch you and we could check out each others arts and whatnots.... also, if you already haven't seen If you were gay, Roy then you need too, I've watched at least 45 times by now, it is so FUCKING GREAT!


Art Collab!

2009-02-12 23:44:55 by MathewWins

Okay, now.... I am going to organize an ART COLLAB!

1. I don't care how good you can draw, anyone can contribute
2. Must be appropriate, I mean if its anatomical, that's fine, but no HUGE DICKS everywhere
3. Must be emailed to me by March, 15.
4. The theme is "Awesome Aliens"
5. Just means that you need to draw an alien, of any kind, origin, planet, whatever, and it must be original!!
6. Okay, the EMail for this Art Collab is
7. Okay so have fun, and get me those Awesome Aliens :D

I have sucessfully moved!

2009-02-11 17:39:47 by MathewWins

Yeah! I have moved from my old account "MatMalldoughnado" and am now going to stay here... Check out my youtube, at
Okay? So go there, and we will all be gewd and whatnot!